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Re: Dissension in the N.Y. Ranks?


You are right on the mark here. We are feverishly looking to replace Ena
Farley as a Regent. She is the representative who is also leaving. She is
from the Rochester area. We are doing our best to put forth a decent
candidate. They are calling for nominations now.

You might want to check out the Monk, Sipple study. While it is poorly done
and obviously skewed to do everything to help support the Regents, it still
portrays a fairly negative picture of the effects of the SED testing plan.
You can find it here: http://www.albany.edu/edfin

Bill Cala
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> Hayden's resignation is not new news, it has been coming for the past 6
> months at least. And the idea that it represents dissension among the
> Regents is probably wild eyed optimism. I have been interviewing (or
> trying to) the NY Regents in the past few months for a research project
> I am doing. About half of them agreed to be interviewed (although not
> Hayden). Those who were interviewed were all pretty staunch supporters
> of Mills with a couple of Regents expressing some misgivings about how
> quickly Mills wants to move on "raising standards." I think it is safe
> to assume that those who didn't consent to be interviewed are even more
> committed to Mills' position (word travelled fast among Regents about my
> study and some even indicated wanting to check to see if it was OK to
> participate!--they didn't tell me who thye were checking with though).
> The interesting thing to watch now is who is appointed to replace
> Hayden. The state legislature appoints the Regent's and at least some
> of the Democrats are more critical of the "Regent's for All" plan. Was
> there not some talk of William Bennett? Don't think that could make it
> through the state legislature, but you never know!
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> >>> eddie185@YAHOO.COM 02/01/02 09:50 AM >>>
> Carl Hayden's resignation seems a sure sign that there's dissension
> among the N.Y. State Board of Regents. It's like the Enron execs
> quitting "to spend more time with the family." You just KNOW that
> there's more here than meets the eye. (Of course, as long as
> Commissioner Mills is in office, no child will go untested. Once
> upon a time, Rick Mills was part of the solution ... that strains
> credibility nowadays.)
> http://www.nytimes.com/2002/02/01/education/01REGE.html
> February 1, 2002
> Chancellor of Regents to Step Down
> Carl T. Hayden announced yesterday that he would resign as chancellor
> of the State Board of Regents in March, after holding the post for 7
> years and serving as a Regent for 12.
> Mr. Hayden has been a staunch and outspoken ally of Richard P. Mills,
> the state education commissioner, in the quest to raise standards for
> students, schools and teachers and in particular, to toughen
> graduation requirements.
> The members of the Board of Regents, an independent body, are
> appointed to unpaid terms by the State Legislature and are charged
> with shaping state education policy. The board's policies became more
> aggressive under Mr. Hayden.
> Mr. Hayden, 60, said he was not seeking another term because he no
> longer had the energy to lead the Regents while working full time as
> a lawyer in Elmira. The Regents have recently been criticized by some
> school officials and legislators who say they raised the standards
> too high too quickly, but Mr. Hayden said his resignation was not a
> sign that they were reconsidering their decisions.
> Mr. Hayden, who will be leaving the board altogether, said, "I have
> made a point of keeping my finger on the pulse of my colleagues, and
> I can tell you there is no constituency for rolling back the
> standards."
> The Regents' most criticized policy change is the requirement that by
> 2005, all high school students will have to pass five Regents exams
> to graduate. The board is debating whether to delay a plan to raise
> the grade required to pass such exams to 65, from 55. Some Regents
> are worried that when the passing grade goes up, more than 40 percent
> of students in New York City and other large cities will fail.
> "We cannot be blind to the consequences of our actions," Mr. Hayden
> said yesterday. "But right now, all the information before us
> suggests that the results are improving across the board."
> The Regents will decide at their March meeting who among them will
> succeed Mr. Hayden as chancellor. One possibility raised by several
> Regents yesterday was Robert M. Bennett, a Regent from Buffalo.
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