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Re: Morality Education

The full range of morality provided by the gov't is available at this site.

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"character education"

There are many different levels of character education that can be
utilized by our public schools. Our junior high uses little blurbs in the
newsletter, for one thing. I have one magneted to my fridge:

"Integrity is doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking."

In our fight, I would add

"Integrity is doing the right thing, even when everybody else is doing
something else."

The morality that should be taught in our public schools is that people
shouldn't lie, cheat, or steal. If you think about it, those three things
cover just about every offense. They include stealing time, warping test
scores, and throwing educational resources down a testing rat-hole, to name
but a few sins of the edtrocity. When Mr. Bush and Dr. Paige and all state
and national education officials universally teach truth, integrity, and
decency, by example, then and only then should they feel free to mandate the
same for our local schools. That doesn't start with large profits to large
testing and curriculum companies and dressing our kids all the same so they
look good to the voter.