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Re: good luck and best wishes to George

At 9:42 PM -0800 2/4/02, Karen Canty wrote:
No and what scares me is how smart they are in couching the whole
"pre-natal" care argument - not that we are now calling a fetus a child but
to get poor pregnant women the pre-natal care they need? And who in the
world is going to be against that? Like who in the world would be against
"no child left behind" and in order to be sure we don't leave those poor
minority kids behind, we're going to test them to death!

That's what's scary about this bunch...

The bottom line is, if the money is there, why not just allocate it
for that specific purpose instead of changing some COMPLETELY
UNRELATED program's rules? I agree, it is a similar issue with
"accountability"--if the schools are riddled with problems because
caused by decades of government neglect, inequitable funding AND
changing rules, let's change the rules on them again, blame THEM, and
then close them. This may solve the immediate problem of THESE
schools, but it only shifts the problem to other schools. It's like
saying, let's close the bottom 10% of schools--that would mean
closing different schools every year, but it is not going to improve
student performance, just create more bureaucracy and shuffle the
poor students from school to school. The question is which sector
gets the money from this bureaucracy--private or public. This way,
both parties are happy.


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