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Re: eliminate public education

George recapitulates:
> Rick,

> You have made a similar assertion to that made by others. You accept the
> idea that students differ in their academic ability (intelligence), but you
> go on to provide a cause. The cause is irrelevant to the argument...
...Oh! SNIP...

You're right, George: I do offer a *cause*--I'd rather call it an accounting,
but *for the sake of the argument, say *cause*--BE it irrelevant to the
*argument*. YOU equate ability with intelligence--you're a psychologist. As an
evaluator, I try to assess opportunities, process, group dynamics, power
geometries, and a whole host of dimensions other than the one's upon which your
interests usually dwell. In my work and research, I rarely use *proxies* such as
ability or intelligence: these are the coins and stock of YOUR trade.

Nevertheless, I am not aware of any sane educators, *Traditional* nor
*Progressive* who say that *no difference exists* between the poor and rich
student *achievement*. It is PRECISELY because you psychologists equate ability
and achievement across the limited number of *standardized* instruments you use,
that it all looks the same to you--call it intelligence, G-factor, achievement,
aptitude--they are all hopelessly intertwined by the fact that each of them
predicts success in all the others! DUH! they all look like nails and you just
keep hammering away...inbreeding in psychological theory is not less dangerous
than it is in the biosphere, up here in the sticks of upstate NY!

Of COURSE, the *argument* now goes to to this level, IF I concede to your
terms--and you're still on a limb, here: *So, to what DO we attribute the
differences in ACHIEVEMENT?*

Traditionalists say: why the *cause* is poorly run schools [after every
single other institution in our society has effectually abdicated their societal
& moral roles for our youth AND since we teachers HAVE them all day (captive
audience argument), then (THE ARGUMENT GOES), we can be accountable for the
whole child's moral and social improvement...]

Progressives say: why, the *cause* is the unaccountable misuse and abuse
of power (money & privilege) resulting in the *inequitable distribution* of

[BTW: I'm ashamed that Folks like Victor and you are convinced that the
*left-right* refraction of the political spectrum actually _means_
something--this bears a bit on your casting the *argument* in
progressive-traditional dichotomy--you Folks don't hear us when we say that the
political spectrum is arrayed across THIS dynamic: totalitarianism-anarchy:
THESE are the political extremes and I'm looking for that *great compromise* in
the Republic, George Schmidt, accordingly...]

So, what's your point, George? ;-} rap.

George Cunningham wrote:

> Rick,
> You have made a similar assertion to that made by others. You accept the
> idea that students differ in their academic ability (intelligence), but you
> go on to provide a cause. The cause is irrelevant to the argument. It
> doesn't matter whether you think it is the result of heredity or environment
> (the minimal standards of living, i.e. housing, nutrition, health, safety,
> nurturing environment, etc.). Progressive educators believe that these
> differences exist and the traditionalist philosophy upon which SBER is based
> argues that these differences do not exist.
> > George: you've sketched out the progressive viewpoint fairly well with
> one
> > large exception...
> >
> > ..the REASON that the poor (as a class) cannot learn as well as the rich
> is
> > that the minimal standards of living (housing, nutrition, health, safety,
> > nurturing environment, etc.) are not there for the poor! how much more
> obvious
> > can we get? These are prerequisites before any effective public eduication
> can
> > take place in the classroom. When these conditions are not met (in the
> > classroom, neighborhood, or BOTH), all the rest is, for the most part, a
> > loss...
> >
> > ..and yet, we fund the schools where the poor live at much lower levels
> than
> > in those zip codes where the rich live....

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