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Convenient labels


The Kentucky Department of Education would be amazed to hear that I am an
advocate of SBER. I am well known in those circles and I can assure you it
was not as an advocate of KERA. They routinely have sent members of their
staff to heckle my presentations at AERA and even had a local congresswoman
meet with my dean to ask him to muzzle me. To his credit, he didn't.

I am a believer in intelligence testing and teach psychology students how to
administer individual intelligence and I think that places me squarely in
the progressive camp far outside of the traditionalist camp that does not
believe that students differ along that dimension.

George K. Cunningham
University of Louisville
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Subject: Re: eliminate public education

> George Cunningham wrote:
> > Ken,
> >
> > For someone who does not value standardized tests, you certainly miss no
> > opportunity to tell us how great you do on them.
> gee George, go check through all my posts to this list and see how often I
> reference to them. I do it when it is relevant to the discussion at hand.
> happened to be on this thread. And the last time I mentioned my scores
was in
> specific response to a dig you chose to put forth. If you dind't want to
> then why did you solicit?
> So what is your tactic, you are caught in a sloppiness and your response
is to
> attack still further? Is this what we expect from SBER and
traditionalists who
> place such emphasis on standardized tests? Is that the valid inference I
am to
> draw from your series of posts on this thread? Thanks, it clearly
> why those of us of a more progressive bent see the damage that such an
> can create. You are such a wonderful exhibit.
> Now, if you want to make more snide remakrs about test scores, consider
> following. Many of us "proven" superior by your methodology
> tests) have come to the conclusion that your metholodogy is defective.
> to me like the reason you are complaining is that we are your worst
nightmare -
> you can't easily dismiss us because your approach has designated us as
> superior, therefore our opinions cannot be so easily dismissed.
> Bolviate on all you want on this thread, but since you chose not to
respond to
> the point of my last post, which was somewhat lighthearted, but instead
> to react with the ad hominem, I will abandon this thread to you. When you
> the discussion to be civilized, let us know. Until then, ta- ta- !!
> Ken Bernstein
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