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Re: Curriculum question "Facing History and Ourselves"

Margaret ... I do not know if this will help you, but here is an ERIC digest about uniforms and dress codes:



>>> margd@FLASH.NET 02/07 8:38 AM >>>
I'm sorry Karen,

I didn't really answer your questions did I? Let me slow down a minute. I
have to get my brief for this current petition written and submitted by the
11th and i'm kinda overwhelmed.... actually discouraged more than anything.

TEC 11.162 says:

Sec. 11.162. School Uniforms

(a) The board of trustees of an independent school district may adopt rules
that require students at a school in the district to wear school uniforms if
the board determines that the requirement would improve the learning
environment at the school.

(b) The rules the board of trustees adopts must designate a source of
funding that shall be used in providing uniforms for students at the school
who are educationally disadvantaged.

(c) A parent or guardian of a student assigned to attend a school at which
students are required to wear school uniforms may choose for the student to
be exempted from the requirement or to transfer to a school at which
students are not required to wear uniforms and at which space is available
if the parent or guardian provides a written statement that, as determined
by the board of trustees, states a bona fide religious or philosophical
objection to the requirement.

(d) Students at a school at which uniforms are required shall wear the
uniforms beginning on the 90th day after the date on which the board of
trustees adopts the rules that require the uniforms.

Added by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 260, Sec. 1, eff. May 30, 1995.


(private schools can do anything they want)

So ... it's not unconstitutional to implement a uniform in the public
school IF there is an Opt-Out provision or parents can move their child to
a campus without uni policies. Now you can see how they are circumventing
the law. But HEY .. they can call the damn thing merely a *dress code* and
still circumvent the law. TEC 11.162 is BAD law. period.

I'll repeat what i said to the house ed committee when they tried to pass sb
704 without the opt-out language:

This is like the fire department coming to your home to put out a fire and
refusing to do so until you wear *their* required clothing.

It's that simple. The districts or what others like to call "LOCAL
CONTROL" has become their own government. Separate from any other from of
government in this country. (we even have our own police department. my son
tried to call 911 from the high school and the city police wouldn't have
anything to do with it and dispatched the AISD police to the scene. an
adult man was threatening my son) I do believe without a doubt that we sign
custody of our children over to the State which in turn hands them over to
the "Local Control" (which is made up of only a selected few) when we
enroll them into this MANDATED *compulsory* system. DEMOCRACY??? NOT.

my understanding is that they've destroyed the uni surveys at three of the
campuses in this district. my son and i both sat on the EIC (ed improvement
committee/counsel) when they said we voted unanimously in favor of
standardized dress. NO VOTE WAS TAKEN...

my son (the college level 7th grader) was also arrested for protesting the
very rigid dress code prior to this policy being implemented. they ram
rodded this policy.

I"m a member of the Freedom FROM Religion Foundation. I"M NOT of the
Religious Right (which is neither) and I will FIGHT tooth and nail for the
right to HOMESCHOOL my children. Not all of us are bible thumpers.

LOCAL CONTROL...is just that CONTROL which should never be part of
education. Actually i was told that I had *no* control of the discipline
they take on my children.

Please tell me this is not true.

Shouldn't behavior discipline be treated as all other *disciplines* and be
treated as an academic? If I find the course of study (behavior discipline)
offensive, i can opt them out? I want my children educated not taught to
be submissive to authority that has abused their authority and do so without
question. They are guaranteed the right thru the "Universal Declaration of
Human Rights" to express their opinion and yet my daughter was suspended for
wearing her protest shirt, "Worn by Force Not by Choice". She was sent to
*Saturday Adjustment Class* (don't you love the name of that?) for a
business size card they found on the floor that has a picture of this shirt
with our website address on it.

The children are giving up now. the parents are giving up. I'm the only
one in ALVIN that has taken the grievance even to the level of the
commissioner. Now we have to figure out how to take it into State
court......WITHOUT an attorney.
I'm hoping to inform students of the grievance process and let them do what
i'm doing. hopefully we can get LOTS of students doing this and the
districts will learn this is a HUGE monetary encumbrance and start loosening
their GRIP. but it's their agenda to DISTROY the system so they won't care
will they?

i wish so much the ffrf would open a charter school near us - we cannot
afford private school. we were barely able to afford the multipurpose
clothes for our four children but now we are being forced to purchase 2 sets
(but now we only have two remaining in public school) of clothes as NO ONE
wears the required school clothes anywhere but school and because they are
not calling this a uniform and circumventing the law they don't have to
provide the mandatory clothing to the economically disadvantaged families
(we of the working poor so we don't qualify for that either) . so this
"leveling the playing field" is crap too because those families' children
can ONLY afford the mandated clothes.. so you will see these children at
the grocery store or other places in town IN UNIFORM. cus they have nothing
else. what's worse? My oldest was suspended for not having a tucked in
shirt and for wearing an over shirt and some have lost scholarships because
of not having thier BELT on.

I could go on and on.

The good news. It looks like the aclu attorney who wrote my brief for me
last year is interested in maybe taking in the first amendment violations.
i think we're going to meet friday...ohmygod... tomorrow. I better get
busy writing this brief.

Momma may dress her baby funny ... but MOMMA'S dressing em. and i ain't
gonna quit fighting this until EVERYONE will STAND UP and JUST SAY NO.


There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there
must never be a time when we fail to protest. -Elie Wiesel, writer, Nobel
laureate (1928- )

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Subject: Re: Curriculum question "Facing History and Ourselves"

> Margaret,
> i've read through the commissioner's opinion twice now and I still can't
> quite believe it...I remember that Orwell was sort of anti-big brother in
> "1984", right? And I would assume that the commissioner of education in
> Texas would firmly believe that he is sooooooo far away from Orwell's
> picture, right? But the double speak is incredible...because you and your
> kids have a choice of uniform to wear, then it's not a uniform policy and
> you can't opt out? Is that really what I read? I wish I could have told
> niece that when she was in Catholic school and had a choice of
> (it was Chicago, remember?) and different sweaters/shirts that she wasn't
> wearing a UNIFORM - except that is what the nuns called it....
> Just keep remembering Margaret Mead - the quote about the only way the
> is changed is by very few people working together (it's too late or I'd
> up the exact one)...
> Karen
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> DEMOCRACY .... i'm very emotional right now and if i post i'll be using
> very bad potty mouth.... democracy???? Karen you have no idea just how
> profound your post is right now.... see attached document look at when
> son-of-a-f'ing bitch it was signed........ so...i'm not even able make
> simple clothing decisions regarding my children........UNBELIEVABLE
> Margaret
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> Subject: Re: Curriculum question "Facing History and Ourselves"
> > Karen Canty wrote:
> >
> > > "To the List"
> > >
> > > I went to a meeting last night and was introduced to a curriculum
> > > "Facing History" I understand it's been in place on the East Coast
> > > Chicago for a while (the founder was there and explained that she had
> > > started the program in Brookline 25 years ago).
> >
> > Here ya go, Karen...follow the links. ;-} rap.
> >
> > Facing History and Ourselves:
> > http://www.facinghistory.org/facing/fhao2.nsf/main/about+us
> >
> > AND here's something from Dave Stratman's research... ;-}
> >
> > By John Spritzler
> > http://www.newdemocracyworld.org/facing.htm
> > THEN
> > http://www.newdemocracyworld.org/facing2.htm
> >
> >
> >
> > Facing History and Ourselves is based on the belief that education in a
> > democracy must be what Alexis de Tocqueville called "an apprenticeship
> > liberty." Facing History helps students find meaning in the past and
> recognize
> > the need for participation and responsible decision making.
> >
> > Students must know not only the triumphs of history, but also the
> failures, the
> > tragedies and the humiliations. Facing History believes that students
> be
> > trusted to examine history in all of its complexities, including its
> legacies
> > of prejudice and discrimination, resilience and courage. This trust
> encourages
> > young people to develop a voice in the conversations of their peer
> culture, as
> > well as in the critical discussions and debates of their community and
> nation.
> >
> > For more than 25 years, Facing History has engaged teachers and students
> of
> > diverse backgrounds in an examination of racism, prejudice, and
> antisemitism in
> > order to promote the development of a more humane and informed
> By
> > studying the historical development of the Holocaust and other examples
> > collective violence, students make the essential connection between
> history and
> > the moral choices they confront in their own lives.
> >
> > ...SNIP...
> >
> > Karen Canty wrote:
> >
> > > "To the List"
> > >
> > > I went to a meeting last night and was introduced to a curriculum
> > > "Facing History" I understand it's been in place on the East Coast
> > > Chicago for a while (the founder was there and explained that she had
> > > started the program in Brookline 25 years ago). They have opened an
> office
> > > out here and are starting to try to get the curriculum into some of
> > > middle and high schools... I was impressed with what I heard but then
> > > whenever I hear about programs that are supposed to "make students
> think",
> > > I'm impressed before anyone starts to speak...
> > >
> > > Does anyone on the list know anything about Facing History? Please
> > > free to send me info off list if you want at kscanty@pacbell.net
> > >
> > > Thanks
> > >
> > > Karen
> > >
> >
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