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Re: [arn2-strategy] Texas Symposium on Testing and Assessment


And from what I could tell, the program bothered the attendees a lot more
than we did. In fact, we were a breath of fresh air!!

(who brashly offered a "My child is not your data" button to the people
representing the SAT)

From: Juanita Doyon <Jedoyon@AOL.COM>
Subject: Re: Fw: [arn2-strategy] Texas Symposium on Testing and Assessment

In a message dated 2/9/02 10:54:00 PM Pacific Standard Time,
Victor.Steinbok@VERIZON.NET writes:

(don't bother
the attendees, though).

whadyamean "don't bother the attendees"?! It's what works best! It's the
campaign! It's the test resisters goal in life! What do you think we've
been doing at these events?!

Walk up to the attendees. Introduce yourself, or offer a button. "We're
giving out buttons today. Would you like one?"

We're polite; we're intelligent; we're in demand. I wouldn't be surprised
it they put us on the program at these things soon. Afterall they already
reserved us a table at the last one.