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Re: Edron, er, Edison in NY Times

I suppose it depends on the HMO. Some are an improvement over nothing. Some
are a BIG improvement over nothing. And some... well, some are merely a big
empty box with a fancy label.


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Subject: Re: Edron, er, Edison in NY Times
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 20:19:15 -0500

Humes-Schulz wrote:

Let's go back to the original analogy: HMO's. If you are one of the 38
million folks who have no health insurance, getting access to an HMO,
even a crappy HMO puts you in a better position than before and your
family will have better access to health care. Not optimum health
care. Not best health care, not state of the art health care -- but
better off than before

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