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Re: costs of testing

At 1:03 PM -0500 2/18/02, Rick Parkany wrote:
OK, OK! I'm a Capricorn, but Victor's STILL a Muttonhead (a variant on Archie
Bunker's *Meathead*, but without the personality and charm)...

Oh, oh: two *M* words in one post, but THIS time, it doesn't matter which one
you choose, Victor--the distinction is, in this case, without a difference...

Your humor is overwhelming--such poetic use of six-letter words.
Personally, in you case, I would stick to four letters followed by

...and besides, Juanita: who classified this fellow as *goat*,

Perhaps your knowledge of German might help you there--that is, of
course, unless you know German like ABBA used to know English.

anyway (as in
*separate the goats from the sheep*)? his rhetoric is such that a Fuller would
recognize, and I'm not talkin' about the bleats one working w/Kashmir would
hear, but just one harvesting *the wool that might be pulled over*
an unwitting other's world-historical *eyes*... ;-} rap.

No, no--you are far too smart to get wool pulled over your eyes. I
could not compete with you in that department (nor do I ever hope to).


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