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Re: Title I and Edison


I think ESEA means Elementary and Secondary Education Act.....

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only one in every 10 teacher aides had a four year college degree.

HAHAHAHAHAHA~ Okay, so the most available jobs in education for those
with 4 year degrees are teachers aid and test scorer? Raking in a whole
8.00 - 10.00 an hour! oh goodie! Then when nobody fills any of the jobs
we can bring in reading corp volunteers right out of high school.

Do you have the whole article, George? "The Nation: Federal Funds Should
Educate, Not Just Employ"

ESEA requires that teaching assistants have associate's degrees at some
point. I'm not sure when. The nightmare continues....

Note how often the "education leaders" tell us that commitment and hard
work aren't enough. More condescension unlimited. Let us show you the way
to higher test scores. Nobody knows how to teach children no how! I think
I'll make a new button.

ESEA = Condescension Unlimited

What does ESEA stand for, by the way?