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Re: missing columns

Jerry -- I think it's View, then COLUMNS


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Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2002 5:10 AM
Subject: missing columns

Thanks to Kathy and Ric, but neither solution works. When I go to the
View, Cuirrent View, and Customize Current view, "For all messages" is
checked. That's the only box that offers any options and what's there
appears to be the one.

When I move the slider bar at the bottom, as recommended by Rick,
everything disappears--the "received" column is at the far left and when I
move the slider bar to the right, it exits to the left and nothing else

The "received column is at the far left of the screen. I can click on
"received" at the top and move it to another position on the screen, but
when I stop dragging it, it pops back to where it started from.