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Re: Coercion

>>>How can a test that is not proven valid be a requirement by the school or
district? It is legal for parents to opt their children out of WASL. It
may even be legal for kids to opt themselves out-- I'm not sure. Is it
better for kids to take the test and doodle or write opinion essays on high
stakes testing?<<<<<

If they can opt out of the test, why would they need to doodle OR write
essays? (Not that there's anything wrong with either of those pastimes.
;) ) Wouldn't the student just not be present?

As for "dealing" with that teacher, I don't think anything needs to be said.
The young man can gently remind her that students may opt out of testing and
therefore it cannot be a requirement for passing the grade or course, and
let it go at that.

Teresa G.

The good news is I'm beginning to hear from people-- all over the state--
who saw our WASL opt out stories last year and are ready to opt out this
year because of it.

Thanks for any enlightenment you may be able to offer,

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