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Re: Public education just a form of empty obedience

Carol: interesting pointof-view...there is SOME theoretic basis for this,
indeed, though it is hotly disputed in the literature I read.

However, I am wondering whether or not this authress is just not playing with
her *glibness*.

Though this gal IS supporting our agenda, she dopes so from quite questionable
pedagogic gropunds...

We DO have public *education*; we _may_ have individualized learning in
some/many dimensions of our makeups (though I can supply theoretic evidence
that *group* learning exists, as well--it's called *culture*)--but, it seems to
me that the *group* the *public* is a large part of education, of any stripe
(even the *trasmittalists who tyhink you jkust pass on reveived wisdonm and
knowledge from generation to generation like some commodity or stock in good
supply from some *knowledge warehouse* or other)--I find it hard to teach
one-on-one--not enough *cultural* material, despite the presence of an adequate
supply of genes and DNA for *learning* to occur inn one-on-one tutoring

No, I'm afraid that *public education* is NOT a chimera of some half-baked
theoretician--it IS a reality and one we need to rethink to its core,
considering the points this gal makes... ;-} rap.

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> Feb. 24, 2002, 6:29PM
> Public education just a form of empty obedience
> THERE'S no such thing as public education. Education happens to exactly
> one person at a time.

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