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grade level

The poor kids and minority kids are behind according to what measures?

How reliable are these measures? How valid are they?

What do they actually tell us?

Based on what they tell us, what is being done to help poor kids and minority kids catch up?

Read Linda Perlstein's book Tested and then share with us what you find.

Then talk to all the poor kids and minority kids that no longer have recess, art, or music and tell us how effective this catch-up policy has been.


On Apr 15, 2009, at 7:27 AM, aburke5054@aol.com wrote:

Too many poor kids and minority kids are way behind other kids.? That's the problem, not whether tests have too many multiple choice items or whether it's better to talk about "proficiency rates" or "grade levels" or "normal curve equivalents."? By the way, how is your strategy of attacking NCLB working out for you?