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Re: About muti-tiered diplomas

Karen: for better or for worse, NYS recently abandoned this approach (Regents vs.
local diplomas) in the ante-up for high stakes testing and standardization of the
workforce fodder (aka children). What went by the wayside, as well, were local
initiatives that empowered local teachers to write their own currricula for
review and acceptance and accreditation by the State Board of Regents. All these
trends are disasterous moves away from local control/adaptation wrt education and
cultural relevance. Good luck to MA and those others across the borders from *The
Empire State*... ;-} rap.

Karen Hartke wrote:

> I'd like to open up a topic for discussion that is taken from real life
> situations:
> What are ARN participants views, ideas, research, experience worries, etc.
> about moves to remove high stakes from graduation tests by creating a two-or
> multi-tiered graduation diplomas.

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