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Re: Reconciling financial equity with intellectual freedom.

>From Tennessee to Kansas?

>From the 1920s to the 1990s and into the millennium?

One of our attorneys here in Chicago (Leon Despres, a truly great man, still
working although he is now 30 years past the age when most teachers retire)
began practicing law while Clarence Darrow still worked out of his Chicago
office. Although we don't have anyone here comparable to Darrow nowadays (Len
is probably too old to go up against today's William Jennings Bryan), if
Kansas locates and goes after another teacher like John Scopes, let us know
and we'll try to help with the legal defense fund, or more. Given the present
situation within the AFT and NEA, the probability is that the "unions"
representing Scopes II will find that the attack on the teacher is well
within management's prerogatives.

But who is to believe there is even one Scopes out there ? in Kansas or
elsewhere? More likely, the majority of teachers will figure out how to
contour their lesson plans to fit the prevailing Kansas winds. Then they will
work out their uneasiness and frustration with an extra half hour at Bally's
Total Fitness or some Yosemite rock climbing to prove they really have
courage, or whatever they need to maintain self esteem.

That I find more scary as a 90s thing than the Bush team's education program,
Monica's hair, or the Blair Witch.

Does anyone expect (as I do) that we'll see more and more eerie echoes from
that past and from those days? Anything new out of Scottsboro this month? Is
someone getting ready for a "Birth of a Nation" revival festival?

Already our rulers don't have to worry about anyone educated under the New
Standards to figure out most of the allusions herein, although I bet that
many of them could talk about Princess Diana's campaign against land mines
and a smaller number about Charles and Camilla -- or JFK, Jr. With People
magazine doing the curriculum anyway, Scopes and Darrow wouldn't have a
chance unless they were coutured by Versache and had their stories spun by
Clinton Team alumni.

As the Ice Cube character in "Higher Learning" says, "Supwidat, mufuh."

George Schmidt

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