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Is everyone ware that the Mass Dept. of Education is soliciting bids from
vendors to develop, validate, and score the MCAS?

Interesting given a thread from a while ago (long time) in which I was asked
to comment on the validity of the current MCAS testing program and someone
seemed to think that given my interest in doing test right that I should work
on this assessment. Not sure that my firm will be interested in bidding this
but I was wondering....

What is the word on this? Are they really going to gibe this to a different
vendor or just give it to the incumbent -- Advanced Systems?

My suggestion is that those teachers in Mass who were unhappy with this
assessment need to get on the Evaluation Committee -- and perhaps a few other
committees -- so that you have some say in where things go from here. I
suggest this in every state as I think teachers AND parents should be
represented on these committees. So much is at stake as you all know.

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