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Re: response to Dave Stratman

In a message dated 8/28/99 5:18:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
Csubstance@AOL.COM writes:

> Review that Annie Stein (NYC) shared with me more than 25 years ago. It was
> an article about tracking kindergarten students through social cues by
> organizing the tables from "advanced" through "remedial" based on things
> like
> ability to sit without squirming and shoes. I believe the author was named
> Crist.

Was the author Ray Rist? I think it may even have been called Pygmalian in
the Classroom, tho that might be another book. One of the scary elements of
Rist's ethnographic work is that not only were the kids pretty much all
black, but so were the teachers. They sorted by perceived class background.

Monty Neill

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