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Not sure what exactly you are referring to, but I have a general sense it
has to do with inappropriate test items. Several weeks (months?) ago I
reported to this list a story about an item on the New York State 4th grade,
new and improved exam, which required 4th graders to "listen" to a story
called "Courage has no size" about a hunter who owes his life to a rat who
he had previously scorned as being too small to be of any help. I suggested
that the item required formal operations, which was not developmentally
appropriate for most 4th graders and they agreed it was formal operations
but that we had to teach it. The test item should be available from New
York State - I learned about it at a seminar for parents about the new tests
that are coming. I've also heard teachers complain about testing 4th
graders for two days! Seems excessive and unfair. By the end of the second
day the kids were losing it. I don't have the name of the 4th grade teacher
who said that.

From: "Gerald W. Bracey" <gbracey@EROLS.COM>
Reply-To: Assessment Reform Network Mailing List <ARN-L@LISTS.CUA.EDU>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 18:07:55 -0400

USA Today will likely print my essay on the standards madness, but one of
my example items can't be confirmed. Can anyone supply actual items that
are far beyond what kids' and knowledge would accomodate and supply as well
ways of verifying these items?

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