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Re: [rethinkaccountdc] Kansas District Seeks NCLB Opt Out

Maybe it was a typo - maybe it should have said that the district has to get
permission from the State Education Department (rather than the federal
one). That would make more sense to me, from a "states' rights" point of

I think that any powers not assigned to the federal government by the
Constitution are supposed to be reserved for the states. (That's why in the
fight over healthcare reform, there was a fuss over whether or not the
federal government has the power to regulate health insurance, based on how
much it represents "interstate commerce".)

In the case of NCLB, the way the federal government taxes the citizenry and
then says that the states are free to opt out of the testing if they are
also willing to opt out of getting money back from the federal government
could be seen as a back-door way around the "states' rights" issue. (At
least, this is something I've always wondered about - maybe I'm off-base
here, because I'm sure the numbers are complicated.)


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I thought, too, they could simply opt out. So that aspect also surprises
me. But even if they opt out of NCLB, they cannot opt out of state
requirements unless state OKs it, and technically the tests are state