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Re: Charter Schools

You wrote, "I am opposed to vouchers which drain public funds from the public."

School choice is a very complex issue. Currently, I tentatively support
both charter schools and vouchers in theory, but I think it would be nearly
impossible to establish either without bringing the corrupt elements that
plague public schools along for the ride. However, I don't buy the argument
that charter schools or vouchers drain funds from public schools. I mean,
they obviously do, but they also drain students, thereby lowering the costs
for public schools. If a thousand students bailed out of public schools for
charters or vouchers, then a school district could shut down three schools
and lay off numerous teachers and administrators - a major expense. And if
charter schools or schools funded by vouchers did a better and more
efficient job of education students than public schools, then it would
represent a bargain for taxpayers.

I would argue that public school administrations and teachers unions drain
funds from public schools.

Though I'm no expert on vouchers, it also appears to me that many arguments
used against them are too specific. It seems to me they could be anything
the public wanted them to be.

"I attended the opening session of the 'Imagine the Possibilities' Charter
School Conference in Seattle last evening. . . . The conference was put on
by Jim and Fawn Spady."

Though I've heard Spady is a nice guy, I consider him an example of the
corrupt elements that corrupt education in all its forms. Spady is a member
of the A+ Commission and sits on the board of the Discovery Institute.
Though he obviously isn't thrilled with public schools, I'm not aware that
he's ever had the intelligence or guts to speak out against, say, the late
Seattle Schools Supt. John Stanford or the Seattle School Board. I do not
trust him.

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