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Teachers Union Campaign

At 01:06 PM 12/3/2000 -0800, you wrote:

"NEA's national meeting will be in LA in July 2001. David, Judi and
everyone... Why not try to get elected as a state or local delegate (I
think you have to apply for that in the next month or so) and let's figure
out what issues we want to raise there, and how."

Thanks for the tip, which I will consider. I have considered running for a
union position in the past, in the end deciding that it would be a nearly
hopeless quest that could actually backfire. The Seattle Education
Association's elections are fiercely rigged. A group of somewhat
reform-minded teachers did win numerous seats recently, but only because
things had become so bad, it penetrated the apathy in the classroom. If I
ran for office, I'd be up against the corrupt old guard PLUS the
"reformers," which are actually out to lunch. I'd have virtually no chance
of winning, and it would look really bad on my record if I ran for public
office again.

When I ran for a seat on the Seattle School Board, I got just 5% of the
votes. That really isn't bad when you consider I ran against two opponents
with links to 1) the Clinton administration, 2) Mayor Paul Schell's
administration, 3) the Mariners, 4) the lawfirm of Perkins Coie, with a
third, single-issue opponent who was endorsed by the Seattle Weekly (in my
estimation, a ploy to shoot me down). I did much better when I ran for
state office. If I couldn't even get elected to my local teachers union, it
would look really bad if I ran for public office again.

Not that I care all that much about the insults - I'm used to it, and I
relish returning the fire. But it could be a serious impediment. And I'm
not saying I'll run for public office again, either. I really hate politics
and have no burning desire to serve in public office.

Attempting to reform my local teachers union is just such a dreary prospect
when the rank and file are out to lunch.

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