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Re: Fw: [azstandards] Fw: opting out in AZ

In a message dated 12/9/00 7:37:19 AM Pacific Standard Time,
ggedlaman@BIGFOOT.COM writes:

<< Parental involvement in the school; definition>>

This is excellent! If we can find something like this in every state, then
we have grounds to opt out and not have our children chastised in anyway-- I
would say something like this would even override a graduation requirement!

I've been hunting for the opt-out language on WASL, but can't find it in the
"Reform" laws. I'll try the parental involvement section, if we have one
like this. There are parental/community involvement sections in the reform
laws, but they seem to be ignoring those anyway... Increasing parental
involvement ....."has remained an illusive concept." Blind fools!


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