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Re: Dean vs NCLB


I don't think that the percentage of sped costs the feds covered has
ever even approached 22-23%. During the 12 years I served on the school
board, the percentage went from 7 to 12% and my suspicion is that it
hasn't changed much in the past year.


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I was actually at the first event in Merrimack NH yesterday. I would
add that Dean has said that the biggest single thing the Federal
government can do to help local schools is to fully fund the 40% of
special education that the Congress originally promised when they passed
the mandate, but which has never even been approached - someone can
correct me, but I think the max the Congress has ever funded is around
22-23%, and the current rate is about 19%.

Dean is also insistent that the Federal government should not be
overriding the local control of school systems, and has made remarks
about his experience in Vermont. He has said that he wants strong
accountability, but that it does not necessarily ahve to be high stakes
tests. Here I note that when Richard MIlls was educational commissioner
in VT he was a pioneer fo using portfolios as a means of assessment.
Boy has he changd since going to NY

Ken Bernstein

Kenneth J. Bernstein
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