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Re: Art Burke - was Transforming science: Fact-free


I think that the point you made below about your daughter is precisely
what folks are talking about on this list - whether it's reading, math,
science or whatever...one size does NOT fit every child. What worked
for your daughter would never have worked for mine...nor for my
son...and that's what teachers have to deal with every day in every
classroom. So the idea that any ONE way of teaching reading will work
for every child is anathema to most of us on the list, I think....

What I expected from my children's teachers when they were learning to
read was strategies that worked for each of my kids - with my
involvement where needed...and I think that is why some of us are so
averse to the either/or of the reading wars.


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One of my daughters got off the mark slowly in
developing decoding skills. My wife and I spent a lot of time with her
on that. Based on my experience with my daughter, the activities for
teaching one-syllable words to first-graders seem pretty sensible and
valuable, and precisely what my daughter seemed to need at the time.
At the same time, I also read stories to her and with her.