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Re: Happy holidays. My gift: "ABURKE = DELETE" + SUTM

Joe Bo ...? So sorry.? I know that when someone threatens to get a mob to beat me up I should just let it pass meekly.? But somehow I have the notion that the best way to deal with a coward and a bully is to get right in his face. Must be the hillbilly in me.


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You guys sound like middle school children.
I am appalled.
Joe Bo

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You once threatened to get a mob to beat me up, so, pathetic as it is, I
suppose that a Thanksgiving delete wish is progress of a sort.

I'm sure your Christmas wish will be equally substantive.


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Subject: [arn-l] Happy holidays. My gift: "ABURKE = DELETE" + SUTM


The best of the season to all. Thanksgiving, etc., etc. as is your blessing
and wont.

My gift to all has two parts:

1. ABURKE = DELETE. He's there to waste your time.

2. A penny stock tip. SUTM. It's the Chicago Tribune that is likely to go
bankrupt during the next 18 months, not the Sun-Times. Now that Harbinger
Partners is making its move against SUTM (and, by the way, NYT), there will
(to quote the movies).

Same games. Same greedy plutocratic pigs.

Same results.

Happy holidays, to all,

George N. Schmidt
Editor, Substance


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