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Re: Obama Said to Choose Arne Duncan

aburke5054@aol.com wrote:
The Illinois Governor sold out after he won the election, apparently.
Well, you Bimbo-minded troll, once again you've mispoken.

Blagojevich *cashed in* after he was elected. Obama *sold-out* prior.

Get the concepts straight before you bloviate. If you can't tell the difference between a credit and a debit, you have no business evaluating anything more than your own irrelevance... ;-} rap.

And as for Obama being a *stooge*...that's your rendition. I just say that he is an opportunist who sold principal for principle and the interest one earns to dispense power and cash. *Having* cash is a liability...*directing the flow of cash* is real AmeriKKKan power, and THAT Obama, indeed, has aplenty. Again, a difference somewhat more refined than I expect you to sense... ;-} rap.

"Dein Wachstum sei feste und lache vor Lust! Deines Herzens Trefflichkeit Hat dir selbst das Feld bereit', Auf dem du bluehen musst." JS Bach: Bauern Kantata
Richard A. Parkany
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