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Re: Obama Said to Choose Arne Duncan

You are simply using this nonsense as an excuse to use the N-word to describe the first African-American President.? I thought that the lowest point on ARN was when Bracey and Quan disparaged John McCain's suffering under torture as a prisoner of war.? You've gone even lower.


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aburke5054@aol.com wrote:?

> Mr Obama hasn't been sworn in yet and you're claiming that he has sold
> out his principles, to the KKK yet.?


> You see every event as a stage for you to broadcast your
> hate-mongering.? How sad.? How warped.
Well, I never claimed I hated, Obama, you dolt...resent? Yes! suspect?
for sure! as for the connections to the KKK...I alluded to the
undercurrent of racism in this country that is so ubiquitous that even
black aspirants to high office who sell out to *The Corporate Citizen*,
unwittlingly sell out to the more base motives within these Olympian
circles of power.?

That, after all, is the rationale that many, including Nader, have seen
in using another epithet (*House Nigger*) to describe those members of
the dispossessed classes who sell out principal for privilege at the
expense of the roots which sustained them in their rise to preeminence.?

BTW: my familiarity of the epithet, *House Nigger* came to me when,
working as an educational director with a Settlement House in
Schenectady, NY, I became active working on community development
projects and within a team of community and neighborhood leaders. There
had been a minority city council member who was moving up the career
ladder had had been stiff-arming and coopting almost every progressive
initiative we had come up with from our forum, of which he had been a
member. When I somewhat apprehensively suggested to the group that he
had been perhaps acting as an *Uncle Tom*, I was admonished and cajoled
by a few women in the group, one of whom, a dear friend, who said,
"C'mon, Rick...call him what WE do...he's nothin' but a *House Nigger*!"
(I almost choked!) She then went on to explain that we *Whities* never
actually lived under an *Uncle Tom* and don't realize the treachery that
is implied in the more abrasive label.?

BTW: I wonder just what editorial line Obama developed while editor of
the Harvard Law Review? anybody out there done the research??

Here I offer a start on that research wrt Obama cutting his eye teeth on
*toeing the line*...?



Obama's tenure at the Review has been chronicled at length in the
Politico <http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0608/11257.html>, the New
York Times <http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/28/us/politics/28obama.html>,
and elsewhere.?

But Obama has never mentioned his law review piece, a demurral that's
part of his campaign's broader pattern of rarely volunteering
information or documents about the candidate, even when relatively
innocuous. When Politico reporters working on a story about Obama's law
review presidency earlier this year asked if he had written for the
review, a spokesman responded accurately - but narrowly - that "as the
president of the Law Review, Obama didn't write articles, he edited and
reviewed them."?

AND from Politico:?


*Obama kept Law Review balanced?


*Obama might have had it right while he was running the journal, when he
reportedly ended minor disputes with the words, "Just remember, folks:
Nobody reads it."?


. June 1990 --- This issue included five responses to "Racial Critiques
of Legal Academia," a highly controversial article published in the
Review before Obama became its president. The article --- written by
Randall Kennedy, a black professor at Harvard Law --- argued against the
idea that legal scholars of color have a unique and at times uniquely
valuable voice on issues related to race.?

The first entry in the colloquy is prefaced by a quote from performer
and civil rights activist Paul Robeson's 1934 article "The Culture of
the Negro" --- "The white man has made a fetish of intellect and
worships the god of thought; the negro feels rather than thinks" --- and
several quotes from the now largely forgotten but once highly
controversial racial provocateur Frantz Fanon, among them: "If the white
man challenges my humanity, I will impose my whole weight as a man on
his life and show him that I am not the 'sho' good eatin'' that he
persists in imagining."?

. November 1990 --- This issue included perhaps the most conservative
piece of Obama's tenure, in which Ronald Reagan's former Solicitor
General Charles Fried attacked race-based affirmative action, calling it
"racial balkanization" that would "impoverish the human race." The
implications of group rights, he wrote, are "sinister."?

. February 1991 --- Obama's last issue contains one of its most sharply
liberal pieces, a study of race and gender in car sales, which, the
editors say in an equally liberal introduction, provides "evidence that
seriously challenge faith in the ability of competitive market forces to
eliminate racial and gender discrimination in other markets" and calls
for more government action.?

In the end, though, Obama's time on the Review mirrored other aspects of
his life. Even in the staunchly liberal milieus in which he has spent
his entire adult life, Obama has managed to lead without leaving a clear
ideological stamp, and to respect --- and even, at times, to embrace ---
opposing views. To his critics, that's a sign of a lack of core beliefs.
To his admirers, it's the root of his appeal.?

Pragmatism and moderation in the face of an abject declivity in the
liberty, opportunity, and prospects for the working poor and middle
class is a prescription for diasaster, be it a measured and considerate
prescription... ;-} rap.?

More on the historical roots and etymology of the epithet: *House
Nigger* (from the NLC list):?

I think many North Americans have observed that "Uncle Tom" is often
used in a derogatory and or negative way. I believe that Nader would
agree with this. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons that he didn't
simply call President-Elect Obama an Uncle Tom to the corporations.
The term can be interpreted as offensive when it is used by whites
(i.e., in contemporary contexts non-Latin, non-Asian persons who are
recognized as being of primarily European descent whether Protestant or
Catholic) as well as when it is used by blacks. The context in which
usage occurs as well as the history of the term shape its meaning.?

A little about the novel: Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom's
Cabin (1852) about the time the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was passed.
The novel galvanized the country's opposition to the enslavement of
African Americans. Many consider it the most successful commercial
novel of the 1800s. Some of Stowe's critics suggested that the work
exaggerated the plight and suffering of the enslaved in the plantation
economy. ?

In an 1852 letter to Stowe, Charles Dickens comments on the character
Tom and the merits of the novel. He writes: "I doubt there being any
warrant for making out the African race to be a great race, or for
supposing the future destinies of the world to lie in that direction:
and I think this extreme championship likely to repel some useful
sympathy and support." ?

In 1853 Stowe published, under pressure from some who supported slavery
in the South, A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin. It features "Original Facts
and Documents, upon which the story is founded, Together with
Corroborative Statements Verifying the Truth of the Work." ?

In his introduction to the annotated (and illustrated) 2007 edition of
the novel, Henry Louis Gates comments on the phrase "Uncle Tom." He
states that in the period of the Black Power Movement the term "Uncle
Tom" became synonymous with self-loathing. Gates writes that it was a
time when African Americans could be read out of the race publicly for
not being "black" enough. He elaborates: "For years after, everything
connected with Uncle Tom's Cabin recalled this nightmare, our very own
version of the Inquisition, the time when blacks turned on other blacks
as the enemy economy, as the principal targets of our revolutionary
fervor" (xii). ?

Henry Louis Gates has pointed out that the novel was required reading
for many North American public school children in the 1960s. He states
that the most obvious reason for the novel's disappearance in colleges
and universities was the "utter disdain of the Tom character by the
black community" (xxvi). ?

The novel was assigned reading for me in a public high school in the US
South in 1987. The day we read our teacher passed around postcards that
featured the words UNCLE TOM inscribed under various images. Some
photos featured racial caricatures (Sambo, minstrel, and Tom-like
images), others photos of twentieth-century lynchings that had occurred
in the town where we lived. Such images are included in the annotated
edition mentioned above.?

Don Walicek?

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras?

"Dein Wachstum sei feste und lache vor Lust!?

Deines Herzens Trefflichkeit?

Hat dir selbst das Feld bereit',?

Auf dem du bluehen musst."?

JS Bach: Bauern Kantata?

Richard A. Parkany?

Prometheus Educational Services?


Upper Hudson & Mohawk Valleys; New York State, USA?

aburke5054@aol.com wrote:?

> Mr Obama hasn't been sworn in yet and you're claiming that he has sold out his principles, to the KKK yet.?


> You see every event as a stage for you to broadcast your hate-mongering.? How sad.? How warped.

> Art?




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> aburke5054@aol.com wrote:??


>> The Illinois Governor sold out after he won the election, apparently.??


> Well, you Bimbo-minded troll, once again you've mispoken.??

> ??


> Blagojevich *cashed in* after he was elected. Obama *sold-out* prior.??

> ??


> Get the concepts straight before you bloviate. If you can't tell the
> difference between a credit and a debit, you have no business evaluating
> anything more than your own irrelevance... ;-} rap.??

> ??


> And as for Obama being a *stooge*...that's your rendition. I just say
> that he is an opportunist who sold principal for principle and the
> interest one earns to dispense power and cash. *Having* cash is a
> liability...*directing the flow of cash* is real AmeriKKKan power, and
> THAT Obama, indeed, has aplenty. Again, a difference somewhat more
> refined than I expect you to sense... ;-} rap.??

> ??




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