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Re: 30K schools fail to make AYP

You yourself said that Susan Newman's testimony that some Bushies saw NCLB as a school-bashing privatization tool should be given great credit because "she was there."

Beyond that, continuing to argue that NCLB is about vouchers/privatization even though they are not in it is an exercise in silliness.? Almost as silly as arguing that NCLB has no civil rights implications because civil rights were never high on Tom Delay's agenda.? Duh.


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Oh, Art, Art,

What a pleasure it must be to know nothing of history. Susan Newman [sic] was
not even there when NCLB was passed. It was passed in May, 2001 in the house
and June in the Senate. Neuman joined the USDOE in late July.

Well, Duh.

Here's another little quote for you:

"Well, I have to admit it, I voted for that awful bill. I came here to
eliminate the Department of Education. But this is one of the president's big
agenda items, and I did not want to be the person--and I have people who follow
me--to keep it from going on. I may vote against it when it comes back out of
the conference committee. I'm ashamed to say it was just blatant politics. I
can't even remember another time when I've actually voted against my

Tom Delay
August 8, 2001

Not much about civil rights there, Art.

I can only hope that, as I now reside in Port Townsend, the winter clouds and
rains (and, this year, snows) do not befog my intellect as they apparently have

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