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Turning Challenges into Testing Reform Victories

Dear Friends,

FairTest sends you our warmest holiday wishes. We greatly appreciate your continued support and look forward to working together in the New Year!

Over the past two-and-a-half decades, we've won major assessment reform victories. But, there's much, much more to do.

With your help <https://secure.entango.com/donate/MnrXjT8MQqk> we can transform the looming challenges of 2011 into opportunities for further success:

. The new Congress, with its emphasis on deficit cutting and local control, is less likely to fund costly, top-down, schemes such as "No Child Left Untested" and "Race to the Trough." As convener of the Forum on Educational Accountability, FairTest is uniquely positioned to organize collaborative, winning campaigns for assessment policies that promote educational quality and equity while ending federal micro-management.

. Budget constraints are also causing many states to reduce their expensive standardized exam requirements. FairTest remains the go-to resource for grassroots campaigns aiming to replace high-stakes tests with better forms of assessment, providing testimony, public education tools, and best practices for effective advocacy.

. The explosion of high-priced SAT and ACT coaching courses is convincing more schools that these tests are barriers to access for low-income and minority students. As the national leader of the test-optional movement, FairTest can make a persuasive case that dropping admissions and scholarship exam requirements will enhance both academic excellence and diversity.

Please help convert 2011 into a year of lasting victories by making the largest possible donation <https://secure.entango.com/donate/MnrXjT8MQqk> you can or by mailing your check to FairTest, 15 Court Sq., Suite 820, Boston, MA 02108

Many thanks for everything you do to advance assessment reform.

Monty Neill Bob Schaeffer

P.S. /Your year-end contribution is fully tax-deductable!/

If the hyperlinks do not work in your email, the donation website is https://secure.entango.com/donate/MnrXjT8MQqk.

Monty Neill, Ed.D.; Interim Executive Director, FairTest; 15 Court Sq., Ste. 820; Boston, MA 02108; 857-350-8207 x 101; fax 857-350-8209; monty@fairtest.org; http://www.fairtest.org; Donate to FairTest: https://secure.entango.com/donate/MnrXjT8MQqk