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Re: Test drama in Chicago

This story from Chicago is very important. It appears, based upon the
one letter that surfaced today on the listserv, that a teacher or group
of teachers were so upset by the potential harm that a new test might
cause that he/they have put his/their career and personal resources on
the line to stop the damage. If the e-letter gives a fair description
of what transpired, then this is courageous civil disobedience in the
service of education and kids. I can just imagine how impossible it
must be to try to lead a campaign like this while teaching full time....

I would consider doing something to support the publisher(s) of
Substance, but I feel like I need to know more, first. Was this
initiated by a group or an individual? Assuming a group, were there
other effective, available venues for the teachers to use to protest
the tests? Did they make any attempt to go the legal, or public
process routes first, before taking this approach? If not, why not?
Though I don't doubt the test was atrocious, could we see a copy of the
test to make an independent judgement?

Anyone know how to contact this fellow in Chicago?

Jonathan Landman
Email: Jonathan_Landman@gse.harvard.edu
Harvard University Graduate School of Education

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