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Re: Test Development

Thanks for attaching Robert Tierney's piece on assessment reform, which
appeared in The Reading Teacher last year. He is, to my mind, one of the
growing number of sages amid the raucous cries from the "measurement"
folks. I'd like to know how to communicate with him directly. Can anyone
help me with his email address?

>Dear Kirsten,
> The more I learn about standardized testing the more I am against them.
>We just recieved memos from the state dept. of ed. . A technical advisory
>team memo recommended that in order to give the 4th grade test validity, (
>the legislature just raised the cut score, but had never validated the test
>to begin with, just raised the'bar') they should add a few simple multiple
>choice questions that piggy back those questions already used. Purposely
>skewing numbers! Isn't this junk science? With the misuse-abuse that we keep
>uncovering here in Ohio, I have not seen a single reason convincing me that
>we should keep on using them. I don't buy solving the problem that may
>arise when having to spend so much time on assessments, that we could save
>time by administering standardized tests, and that this would be an
>acceptable alternative. If there isn't enough time to properly assess
>children, there are other solutions available, such as reducing class size,
>staff mentoring We have a school district that has developed methodology to
>observe and assess. I am adding attachment of what they teach here at OSU.
> Teri, Jenny and I will be protesting the Ohio Proficiency Test on the
>statehouse grounds this Friday. We paid our $20.00 fee to exercize our
>right to 'free' speach! We'll be happy to pass on any 'respects' from the
>ARN to our new Governor and esteemed legislators! Mary O'Brien
>Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:Literacy assessment principle 7
>(W6BN/MSWD) (00005561)

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