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Re: Fwd: In response to Judi's statement to Deanna

Hi Sherman & others.

Thanks for your thoughts re: my first post to the listserve.

Sherman, you said:

>I'll only reply about college admissions testing. Unfortunately,
>standardized admissions exams are subject neither to >opportunity-cost
>analysis in an institution,

Hmm. I don't understand what you mean here. Please elaborate.

>nor are they only (or perhaps even
>primarily!) used for sorting students.


Were we in a face-to-face conversation over coffee, I would disagree with you about the above statement (given *my* work experience with and knowledge about undergraduate and graduate admission processes). However, considering that email can be oh-so-awkward, I'm hesitant to put my argument in writing at this time. I realize that you most likely have a great deal more experience than I do in this realm, and I'd rather hear you elaborate first-- that is, if you're interested in finding out why we disagree (the topic is tangital (sp?) to my previous post, though, so feel free to email me privately rather than post to the list).

>Private, liberal-arts colleges
>certainly do not need admissions test scores for decision->making;

consider the applicant/matriculant ratio at UC-Berkely vs. Hampshire College. Of course their respective admission processes differ!

>talked with a handful enough to know that the test scores >generally
>confirm, more than change, decisions already made on the >basis of other

Aha!! One (more) piece of evidence for the validity of the test scores :-)


btw, nice snapshot on your webpage. Also, I've enjoyed the success of EPAA.

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