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[Fwd: Review of Wiggins's "Educative Assessment" by Susan Brookhart]

I'm forwarding the following notice from the listserv for the Education

> The Education Review, an electronic journal of book
> reviews in education at http://coe.asu.edu/edrev/, has
> just published the following book review:
> Wiggins, Grant. (1998). Educative Assessment: Designing
> Assessments to Inform and Improve Student Performance.
> San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Reviewed by Susan M. Brookhart
> Duquesne University
> The review can be accessed directly at
> http://coe.asu.edu/edrev/reviews/rev50.htm

Apart from the review of the book, there's an interesting little
discussion about performance assessment validity and formative vs.
summative assessment.


Sherman Dorn
University of South Florida

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