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Re: American Diploma Project/Smoking Gun

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From: Karen Canty
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2002 8:53 AM
Subject: Re: American Diploma Project/Smoking Gun


What is driving the myth that "everybody" needs or should be qualified to go to post-secondary schools "without remediation?" I thought about my day yesterday as I was reading this thread and I still don't understand. I went out to lunch with a friend - no one at the restaurant needed a college education; my next stop was at the mall where I needed to go to a couple of shops to buy some things - no one who waited on me needed a college education; my next stops were Trader Joe's and the grocery store - no one who waited on me in either place - the butchers, check out people, produce handlers; deli workers, etc. needed a college education; I then went to the tailors to pick up a pair of trousers that my husband had altered - no one there needed a college education...not until my husband walked in the door (he's a CFO) did I see anyone who needed a college education to do his/her job and yet EVERYONE of those people are absolutely vital to our economy and should be valued as much as my CFO husband - so who does those jobs in Achieve's, etc. Brave New World? A bunch of miserable college graduates who think they shouldn't have to do those jobs? Or miserable high school drop outs who couldn't pass this wonderful diploma test? The people whom I saw yesterday were friendly, efficient, and some of them I've known for years - especially those at the grocery store where I shop - so my assumption is that they're being paid well enough and are happy enough to stay there for years.

So my question still is - who will do those jobs?

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From: Assessment Reform Network Mailing List [mailto:ARN-L@LISTS.CUA.EDU]On Behalf Of George Sheridan
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2002 10:11 PM
Subject: Re: American Diploma Project/Smoking Gun

Achieve, the Education Trust, the Fordham Foundation and the Ntl. Alliance of Business want to make sure that states set the bar for high school graduation requirements at a level that will "at the very least" "guarantee all graduates...the ability to attend a state college or university without the need for remediation." Another way of putting this is that they want to deny high school diplomas to anyone who is not ready for university work. This certainly is a way of "making standards-based assessment data matter in the world beyond secondary education."