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Re: New York Chatboard

Hi Rick,

We got lost on the way to the Cross-Eyed Seagull last Friday and
couldn't find your house. ;-/ I knew I should have taken that left toin
at Albuquerque.

Regarding the chatboard, we're not spitting bile. The messages I've seen
from ARNers are beautiful, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! As far as
I can see nobody has trashed our teachers, and God knows they've taken
enough of that, so this is great. But they do need to know that others
across the country are rotting, oops that should be roooting, aw ****,
for them, and that there are things they can do to help turn the tide.
So we need to be civil but relentless. Chatboards are another useful
venue when a physical presence isn't possible. We're not going there to
vent, we're going there to inform and encourage.

Rick Parkany wrote:
> Bill & Carol: I think the point, presently, is to disseminate as much of our
> message and into as many discourse events as is possible. Presence of voice is
> as important as its passion. If we can attenuate our passion without watering
> down our message we will have obtained something we presently lack--breadth and
> audience for the message *beyond the choir pews*.
> Egadz! isn't the ARN list sufficient a place to vent bile and other such noxious
> bodily fluids? with this bromide, why seek to obtain more *vents* when we need
> more venues? ;-} rap.
> William Cala wrote:
> > Carol,
> >
> > Were you censored or was there a technical problem? If it was sensored,
> > what's the use?
> >
> > Bill
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "Carol Holst" <kceh@AIRMAIL.NET>
> > To: <ARN-L@listsrva.CUA.EDU>
> > Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2002 12:08 AM
> > Subject: Re: New York Chatboard
> >
> > > The Texas teacher chatboard is censored. I've been blocked twice, one
> > > time for a few days. And I was being nice!!!
> > >
> > > >
> > > > ...AND, remember: in THESE spaces (other people's discussion spaces)
> > > > civility and decorum are monitored and violations sanctioned, for what
> > > > it's worth organizationally... ;-} rap.

See you at The Soapbox!

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