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Re: Poster idea

Ya! Carol--go with it! I can see ya now cruisin th' strip @ 4pm flashin' away,
rollicking along all the way to th' hoosgow, laughin' while they ask you to
turn for the mug shot...

...use something like MGI's PhotoSuite 4 (came w/my Nikon CoolPix880), or any
graphics applications that comes w/scanners or cameras. You can go to any
CopyHouse like Kinko's to use their workstations, or just specialty printing
devices--worse case publishing job: Kinkos to develop the graphics and Pip's
to print it... Gawd! I've published everything from 12 page community
tabloids to small books in environments that were exceedingly sparse
technologically--and STILL made press time w/good galley proofs each time. In
fact, I taught community organizations to have their clients do this stuff. I
couldn't stand the pressure, so I got out of that work.

But, yea! it can be done w/little trouble--and the more Folks you involve in
the *product*, the better. No?. Kinko's Folks are usually college Folk workin'
part time and nice to get to know over work. PiP's Folks are more staid
(franchise owners usually staff a primary position on the shop floor), but
good Folk who vote, as well... ;-} rap.

Carol Holst wrote:

> Is it possible to blow the Thaddeus and Wheez carton argh cartoon to
> poster size? It's simple enough to read from a car while sitting at a
> stop light.
> I ask because taas writing is coming up. Got the fever, gotta picket.
> --
> See you at The Soapbox!
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