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Re: James Hope

I thought I had material from him, but don't find it on my computer. I can get things to Richard Rothstein, if someone else has not already done so. Monty
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From: William Cala <wcala@ROCHESTER.RR.COM>
Date: Saturday, February 02, 2002 7:22 PM
Subject: James Hope

I just spent over an hour on the phone with James Hope (teacher from Georgia). This guy has gone through an unbelievable hell over the past three years. His informatio is 60 minutes quality. McGraw-Hill's Gateway exams look and sound a lot like NY's 4th and 8th grade junk. Same scoring and scaling games being played. I haven't been much on conspiracy theories, but .....

Any connections to major press outlets would be appreciated. James Traub, Michael Winerip and Richard Rothstein from the NY Times should have some interest in this. Perhaps Jay Matthews from Washington Post (some help from Ken would be appreciated). I can contact the three from the NY Times (Unless Ed Levine has a more direct route).

James is sending me an all inclusive packet. I'll share more as I read it.

His stories of the "school police" are frightening. No, this is not a euphemism. Gwinett County has school police that apparently act like the FBI.