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ETS Age and Disability Discrimination

Hello everyone. I just found this list and am seeking some information regarding the fact that ETS appears to be discriminating against test takers based on age and disability. Specifically, here's the short version on my story:

1. I have been trying, futilely, to obtain accommodations, since last October, for my own well documented case of ADD, to take the GRE. I did not learn of this problem until 3 years ago - at age 40. I have undergone extensive testing and the diagnosis has been confirmed by several doctors. Each time I get an answer from ETS, I receive a DIFFERENT answer! After being denied accommodations (I've need a QUIET room) a few weeks ago, I had an attorney write a letter to ETS, once again demanding specific information regarding documentation. I received ETS' response today - again, NO SPECIFICS, and yet another different answer. Trust me, this is a highly abbreviated version.

2. I've now taken the GRE, without accommodations, on two occasions and have bombed, due to the poorly designed nature of the test, bizarre scoring irregularities, and the HORRENDOUS conditions I've had to take the test under - including an EXTREMELY noisy test environment.

3. In complete desperation, I since contacted the university regarding this endless problem (it is now impossible for me to take the !@#@ test again as time is no longer available prior to the application deadline. An interesting fact I've learned is that "older" folks like me (40's) seem to score significantly lower than kids fresh out of college. Is there any information on this? If so, could this be age discrimination?

4. My endless quest to obtain a quiet room has now forced me to take a variety of other tests (ETS first stated that I did NOT these and has since refused to provide a specific lists of tests they will accept or require). How many more tests I'll have to take, just for a quiet room, is beyond me! Anyway, these tests, including Achievement, IQ, and Reading tests now appear, as would be expected, to show a large discrepancy between potential and ability. I have been told my IQ scores are "through the roof" and the results of the achievement test were among the "highest" my doc has seen from someone my age. Just the same, there appear to be significant problems between most results and processing speed/memory - again, highly consistent with ADD.

Anyway, I'm now sick of playing games with the morons at ETS - does anyone know of a good attorney willing to take them on? Even better, an advocacy group? Also, are there any Federal Agencies I can file charges against ETS with? FYI, as an educator, I've successfully filed and prevailed in three (with a fourth one pending) unrelated cases with the US Dept. of Educ., Office for Civil Rights and just won a State complaint filed on behalf of student who was being denied services by his school district.