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Re: eliminate public education


you said " local chapter of the Menses society. " Gee, they let you, a man, present?

Perhpas you meant the "Mensa" society, from the latin word for table - founded by Victor Sebriakoff during WW II, when the British government needed access to a lot of bright people (for code breaking?).

You want all my scholarships, I'll be happy to oblige. Yes, I won a National Merit - because my father's company at the time (BF Goodrich) sponsored some. Preference given to children of employees. Them that has, gets. So I win, and someone whose father did not work for such a company, whose scores might have been better (and whose hs academic record cretainly was better) did not. Does that make me better.

Ah, I'm not gooing to bother with all the awards based on multiple choice tesst. There are more - the point is, I read very quickly and I am test wise. None of that is really a measure of how bright I (or anyone else) is, or even how knowledgeable, otherwise we would give everyone untimed tests, and allow them to explain thier answers - their "incorrect" answers could be correct in the frame of reference as they udnerstand the question.

You happen to value such tests. I don;t greatly value them, as I pointed out. You make your own decision. And feel free to continue to misnterpret the posts of those with whom you disagree, as you have chosen to do several times in this thread. Isn't free speech wonderful?

Ken B


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