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Re: a correction to a post from yesterday

In a message dated 2/5/2002 6:11:22 AM Eastern Standard Time,
kber@EARTHLINK.NET writes:

> . If everyone
> will learn the Ten Commanmdnets, SOL scores will go up. That purpose is
> secular, since SOL support is not (yet) a religion.

Not so Ken. The posting of the ten commandments will create better discipline
in our schools. Not everything revolves around SOLs. That being said, we
have seen a lot of draft legislation related to things to be posted on the
walls of my kids' schools. With no money for schools, they can still afford

Delegate O'Brien just brought his "mom and apple pie" bill (His
description) to the Ed subcommittee. It calls for kids to receive
age-appropriate instruction in the recognition of the texts and music to
traditional American patriotic songs, including the national anthem and other
songs and the historical significance of patriotic holidays, including
Veterans' Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Independence Day, Martin Luther
King's birthday, and Presidents' Day.
The measure also requires the display of the U.S. flag in each public school
classroom, with local school board policies addressing the respectful display
of the flag; classroom and assembly spaces in which the flag is to be
displayed to facilitate instruction regarding the flag and the recitation of
the Pledge of Allegiance; the identification of spaces, such as resource
rooms and other areas, in which the flag need not be displayed; and other
issues as may be deemed necessary and appropriate.
Finally, citizenship instruction must be included within character education
programs, and will address appreciation for the unique nature of the American
culture's valuing of and belief in freedom and respect for individual rights
and liberties, including political, economic, and religious freedom, and
freedom of speech, as contrasted with other societies' and cultures' lacking
of such freedoms; and community-mindedness. Such citizenship concepts must be
incorporated in appropriate portions of the K-12 curriculum, including ....

See how important legislation is....