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Re: In G-d We Trust plaques in Florida Schools?

Any explanation would be complete BS no matter what it uses as the
excuse. "CE" and "BCE" are standard in the history world, except for
some truly die-hard classicists and historians with particularly
strong religious roots. Even Massachusetts recognized alternatives,
and the entire education department is being run by conservative nuts.


At 12:18 AM -0500 2/11/02, Roxanne Grossman wrote:
In a message dated 2/10/02 4:23:51 PM, kber@EARTHLINK.NET writes:

<< I teach my students what the date indicators mean, and point out that
these are only one set of possible ways of issuing dates - there is the
Muslim calendar, dating from Muhammed, there is the Jewish Calendar,
dating in theory from the creation fo the world, we can even use
Archbishop Ussher's calendar, which claims the world was created in 4004
BC (and he calculates the day of the week, date and time!!!). I teach
my students about CE and BCE for Common Era and Before Common Era.

Now a question - if, in Florida (or perhpas Virginia, where I live), a
student used these alternative date indicators (CE and BCE) would they
be marked wrong/down? if so, is that a violation of their freedom of
religion? >>

Ken -
They sure as hell ain't gonna find CE or BCE as a choice on any Social
Studies SOL test! (As a matter of fact, I included, in my comments to those
SOL and to related Curriculum Guide (nee Teacher Resource Guide) that these
terms, not just B.C. and A.D. should be included in standards in question.
I'm sure I wasn't the only one. The explanation for rejecting this suggestion
was some BS or other about its being too complicated, not wanting to get into
it, can't cover everything, etc.) But I'm impressed that you're actually
teaching something not in the SOL and not on the tests! (Our teachers are
required to post on the bd. each day which SOL to be covered that day and to
keep documentation of what's been covered. They're obviously not forbidden to
cover other stuff, but it'd be hard to justify having taken the time, after
the fact, if too many of one's students fail their soc. st. SOL test)

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