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Re: Quick Reference

Out of curiosity, are these New York State testing reports online?

>>> Wcala@ROCHESTER.RR.COM 02/11/02 03:43PM >>>
Below is a "quick-reference" to the damage currently underway in New York. I only use information from SED commissioned studies.

New York Testing

Unintended Outcomes Reference Guide*

Since the inception of the Regents-For-All Program:

a.. There has been a decline in passing rates of the new Regents exams
b.. The gap in performance between large urban centers and other public schools has widened
c.. IEP diplomas have increased 21.6%
d.. Students have been moved into GED programs to hide the dropout rate
e.. Staff development no longer addresses teacher improvement, but rather test scoring and alignment of curricula to the tests
f.. 4th and 8th grade teachers are fleeing the profession
g.. Dropout rate has increase in the general population in NYC 2% each of the last two (2) years
h.. English Language Learner dropout rate increased 12% last year


Adoption and Adaptation, New York State School Districts' Responses to State Imposed High School Graduation Requirements:

An Eight-Year Perspective (Monk, Sipple and Killeen) August, 2001

High School Equivalency Diploma Perception Study, University at Albany

June, 2001

Both studies were commissioned by the New York State Education Department

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