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Re: Kindergarten Reading Exit Exams

L. Cirincione wrote:

> Ken-
> You wrote:
> gvein that some of the elementary children that we do test at
> > 3-5th grades are developmentally behind, how valid are the inferences we
> can
> > draw from their test scores?
> How do you even determine a grade for some of the special ed kids?


I don't disagree. But I was not talking about identified kids. I'm tlaking
about kids who have managed to get trhough, even in a very good system like
Arlington VA, without being able to function at the requisite level in one or
more subjects. It usually is a reading deficit - the kids may be able to do
math and may be quite verbal, but cannot read at an appropriate level (and here
I do not mean deconding - reading aloud, but even reading for understanding).


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