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Re: Scientific American article-Hoodwinked on fonics

kber wrote:

> Gee Rick
> I offer what is the standard model of scientific inquiry, and you decide you have to
> get snippy. You also assume that I have considered only one framework for my
> dissertation. Just remember when you assume you make an ... oh, but you probably
> know the rest

...Oh! SNIP...

Stop it right now, before you take your bromide and go off to bed, you slacker! Answer

Here we go, again, with your *idle sophistry*, Ken: IF you acknowledge MORE THAN
(remember, I'm a trained, certified, AND LICENSED math Teacher...) ONE scientific
framework...WHY, oh, whY, have you chosen Popper's to assess Joe's position?

Thanks fer hangin' in there...I can't believe that we MIGHT make sense TOGETHER out of
this non-sense, Ken (have you read Merleau-Ponty's work: *Sense and Nonsense*?)...
;-} rap.

> --

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