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Re: Is this acceptable?


Thank you so much. I'll write a letter right away and use the information you've supplied me thru these links as support.

Wonder if i should include the new logo on my stationary <smiling>

i'd better get busy - only have an hour!!!!!

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From: Humes-Schulz
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2002 9:58 PM
Subject: Re: Is this acceptable?

NO F*****G WAY.

On this site listing good and bad PE practices, "Uses fitness activities as punishment for misbehavior (e.g. children running laps, doing push-ups, etc.) or to qualify for awards" is listed as "Least Preferred Instructional Practices in Physical Education" http://www.roundrockisd.org/academics/PhysEd/bpractice.htm Best of all, the site says "These standards are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for K-12 Physical Education and the National Standards for Physical Education."

So Alvin may think it is OK, but the rest of Texas doesn't.

And you might argue that not using best practices also violates the Code of Conduct for Physical Educators http://www.aahperd.org/naspe/pdf_files/pos_papers/resource-code.pdf

And finally, CASPER -- Concerned Adults and Students for P> E. Reform -- argues against using exercise as punishment. http://www.csuchico.edu/casper/exercise.html. They say:

"According to the Council on Physical Education for Children (2000), it is inappropriate when:
a.. "Exercise (running or push-ups, etc.) is used as a punishment for misbehavior and/or lack of participation."
When exercise is used for punishment teachers are portraying exercise as something negative. This disciplinary method produces negative attitudes to some very healthy activities that we want students to appreciate, not hate. If you are always running, doing push-ups, wall-sits etc. because you are being punished, you are not very likely to associate positive feelings with those activities. As a result you will probably not end up using those activities to help you get fit, and you may develop negative attitudes to physical activity in general."

Ooops -- the article then goes on to say it may be considered corporal punishment -- which, of course, would be perfectly OK in ALvin...

Anyway, you can certainly document that it is bad practices and goes against professional norms and recommendations EVEN those of the state of Texas.

Go get 'em. Fight child abuse.


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Subject: Is this acceptable?

Seventh/eight grade - girls locker room. coach wheels in basket of items left in the locker room. counted 55 items... making all the girls now run 55 laps as punishment. they had to run 20 laps today and if found walking they wrote down their names and they had run 5 additional laps.

how could i get an exemption from this kind of abuse when my daughter has never left items in the locker room? do you consider this fair practice?

please respond as I'm really loosing my grip here!!!!!! this is the kind of abuse these kids are ALWAYS being subjected to. they had to run laps in elementary school for not participating in a fundraiser. or is this just ALVIN?

thanks for your help,