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Re: Scientific American article-Hoodwinked on fonics

Art chimes in:

> Jonas Salk reduced polio to a problem that he solved in one shot (so to
> speak.)
> Reductionists, got to love 'em.
> Art

Rick rings back:
Right you are, Art! and love 'em I do WHEN they practice their stuff IN THE


..the polio virus is NOT a human being. The sciences of the human being are
recursive and do not obey the same laws as closed, linear systems such as
(classical) physics, engineering, etc.

Another good claim (and a *scientific one* at that)against SBE: THESE TESTS
*REDUCE* THE HUMAN BEING TO ONE (or to the number of subscales) NUMBER!

Such reductionism, I won't support, m'man. How'Bout you?.. ;-} rap.

"Dein Wachstum sei feste und lache vor Lust!
Deines Herzens Trefflichkeit
Hat dir selbst das Feld bereit',
Auf dem du bluehen musst." JS Bach: Bauern Kantata
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