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Re: [care] A change of direction for FairTest?

In a message dated 2/15/2002 10:13:42 AM Eastern Standard Time,
pfarr@UCLINK4.BERKELEY.EDU writes:

> Unfortunately, at present the terms of battle have been set by the enemy,
> the corporate standardistas, as well as the testocrats; so you can't have
> it both ways by saying "We're for standards, too!" When you do this, you
> are portrayed as supporting the bad "standards" documents, as supporting
> the enemy. Since they control the media, you can't slip around on this.
> Better to educate the public on who the bad guys are, and to show in simple
> terms the DIFFERENCE between good teaching and what they are advocating.
> We may know of what we speak, but the broader public still doesn't, and we
> must be clever in how we reach out to them.

Exactly, Pete. This is why it's so destructive to the movement when FairTest
accepts the corporate terms and promotes them, as if this is what we should
stand for. But CARE and FairTest are unwilling to point out honestly who the
enemy is, which makes it impossible to have the discussion that the public
needs to hear.

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