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Re: Scientific American article-Hoodwinked on fonics

No, no muttonhead! sorry to have blown your intellectual and/or elitist cover...

...the sciences *of the human being* are _recursive_ (the *object* of the social
science inquiry, i.e. *the human being*, is also the *subject* doing the

Classical physics, most engineering (those outside network theory and others
dependent upon the study of complex systems), most of the *physical sciences*
are _reductionist_ because their methods _reduce_ the object of study to
*stereotypic*, generalized cases whose characteristics can be assessed by
*measurement theory* in which individuation is _intended_ to be lost...sciences
clearly not designed for assessing our children, or any other human being who
are ALL individuals. No?

[BTW: remember *The Inhabitants?* from a few years ago, this list? I loved 'em
before they were browbeaten off this list--I call we humans *Citizens of the
Flesh* in a similar manner precisely to differentiate them from those
disembodied, *Corporate Citizens* who know no *social responsibility* other than
the bottom line and oppressing these *other citizens*, we...]

...sorry, pal, fer usin' two *R* words in the same posting longer than 5
characters. Blew ya away? whose fault's that? ya must be too busy killin' the
messenger to hear the message...listen & learn, then off the messenger if you
must, Killer... ;-} rap.

Victor Steinbok wrote:

> Make up your mind--is it reductionist or recursive? Or are you just
> ranting as usual?
> VS-)

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