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Re: The dynamic of group punishment


Just a thought from someone new to this list ...

... offer an alternative to group punishment for the irresponsible
strew-age of personal belongings that middle school students seem
universally unable to control (the original cause for the mass
lap-running). At our school, we send a letter home to families, post signs
across campus and make announcements in every classroom that misplaced
personal belongings from Lost and Found will be hung across campus on
(insert date) for students to reclaim. Any personal objects left AFTER
that date are donated to a local charity.

There's the win-win solution someone offered earlier.

>Corporal Punishment is still legal in this here state - come on down for a
>good dose of whupass.... even think we still be holdin the record for
>capital punishment too... they're big on that sort of stuff y'know...

Scott Hays

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